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eCommerce Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Your Christmas Sales

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The Christmas holiday season is rapidly approaching, and there has never been a better time for online shopping! So, with a solid eCommerce marketing strategy and tried-and-true eCommerce marketing tactics, marketers can take advantage of this ideal opportunity to boost their sales. Read on to explore what is eCommerce marketing, proficient eCommerce marketing tips, and some of the best eCommerce marketing strategies in Canada and USA to boost your Christmas holiday sales!

What’re the eCommerce marketing strategy tips ahead of the Christmas holiday rush?

Any marketing effort you make to promote your online business and drive sales is known as eCommerce marketing. It applies to both acquiring new customers and convincing existing customers to shop again. Ecommerce sales worldwide accounted for more than 4 trillion in 2020 and are expected to grow to more than 5 trillion by 2022 [1]. While the holidays can yield profitable eCommerce digital marketing outcomes, achieving success is not without its difficulties. A small shop, for example, may lack the eCommerce site marketing expertise to shift swiftly, but an eCommerce franchise may prioritize logistics during peak sales seasons.

We’ve compiled a list of easy-to-implement eCommerce marketing tips that every business owner can use to capitalize on the increased consumer spending throughout the holiday season. Use this list of 7 eCommerce marketing tips before, during, and after the Christmas season for the best results.

1: Plan your holiday content strategy

When it comes to sales, many businesses underestimate the value of content. However, it is valuable and one of the best eCommerce marketing tips to talk about your products with your target audience. Content can be in the form of blog posts, tip lists, gift guides that will help to establish your website as a trustworthy source for Christmas shopping and industry knowledge. But here is one more crucial step to take is planning your content strategy. You can set a content calendar and an outline that will help you know what to post and when. In this way, you can build customer trust and let them know about your products.

2: Develop a festive look

In the eCommerce world, your store is your website. You should give it a festive look and feel so that customers know you’re ready for the holidays. Here, you can consider adding some banners representing the Christmas deal on your Home Page. You can use images that correspond to the festival or season. And if you don’t want to put yourself into those designing hassles, you can hire Mindcob as your best Digital Branding Agency as we will provide you with a comprehensive set of branding services in Canada and the USA.

3: Optimize Mobile experience

According to research, more than 28.1 million people are mobile users who prefer to shop online using their phones. [2] However, all of these mobile users appreciate a quick purchase experience that they can get on their mobile devices. So, in this context, you should make sure that your website loads quickly on mobile by optimizing it for mobile devices. You can also invest in Mindcob Web design and development Services to have a responsive and user-friendly website.

4: Offer Limited-Time Promotions

In the Christmas season, many of your buyers are first-time buyers. At this time, you should offer coupons and flat discounts for purchases and that’s how you can grab more people and boost your sales.

eCommerce Marketing Tips

5: Design an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is the most effective technique to raise awareness about impending holiday deals on your online stores as 75% of your audience can click back on your emails [3]. It’s ideal to start email marketing with a catchy subject line 10-15 days before the holidays. You can use email marketing countdown timers for limited-time discounts on high-value, signature products. Placing a timer next to each product informs customers that time is running out and encourages them to shop straight away. It is also one of the most crucial eCommerce marketing tips for Christmas holiday sales.

6: Leverage the power of Social Media

Every day, more than 3 million social media posts are circulated on various social media platforms [4]. And that’s how every brand is extracting more and more value from it because it has a tremendous potential to spread word of mouth. To market your Christmas specials and discounts, you should do the same. You can hire us to have our reliable social media marketing services that will help you thrive. Believe us, when we say that if you hire us, your holiday sales will skyrocket.

7: Collab with Influencers

The budget of average influencers is less than ten thousand dollars per year [5]. Influencers are an excellent approach to reach out to your target clients because they already have a significant number of followers. Influencers will suggest your products and services to their followers, ultimately resulting in profit for your business. You must find out certain influencers that can influence your niche product to their followers that might be interested in your product.

Need help with eCommerce marketing strategy?

Every business needs the best digital marketing agency to promote its brand and the same thing goes for your eCommerce marketing strategies. Well! You don’t have to worry about planning your eCommerce marketing strategy for the Christmas holiday season. Because we at Mindob Digital Marketing Agency in Canada and the USA are ready to assist you in increasing your holiday sales. Our digital marketing services can be the best fit for boosting your sales in the upcoming Christmas event. We can take the pressure off and bring you up to speed quickly. So, contact us now or send us an inquiry straight away!

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