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What Is Mindcob?

Founded and registered in 2012, Mindcob was a simple software company providing mobile application development and web application services to domestic clientsSince then, Mindcob grew into a sophisticated digital marketing company in Canada, providing a range of IT services to clients from all over the world.

Currently, we have completed long-term projects from 9 different countries and continue to expand into more countries. According to our respected clients, we’ve executed our services to their satisfaction. We’ve made great progress and are continuing to grow, all thanks to Mindcob’s talented employees.

Idea of IT Services Provider

Two workaholics working towards making themselves, but only to face countless setbacks due to the highly competitive job market. Who would’ve thought that these individuals would think of having a successful company that works towards a vision? That too by providing IT services. Well, the founders of Mindcob did. 

Mindcob’s founders aren’t any different than any other struggling employee. They’ve come up with the idea to help the unemployed by training them while providing them work. And it took a lot of guts to turn the idea into a start-up software company offering web application services. More of those to turn it into a fully functional digital marketing agency.

IT Services by Mindcob

Fast forward to today, ever since the pandemic, Mindcob digital marketing company has managed to train many fresh graduates and saw them through establishing their professional lives. The talents we recruited expanded Mindcob and are now executing a wide range of IT services. One of our memorable achievements is that we have helped many individuals in starting and running their businesses. We believe that everyone deserves to have their entrepreneurial dreams come true. 

Nevertheless, the best part of this is that we all work like a group of friends helping each other. We encourage each other’s creativity, empower each other with unconditional support, and work towards a collective vision. We may not be a huge digital marketing company just yet, but we love what we do. The Mindcob family serves their clients by providing IT services with great enthusiasm and smiles. 

Mindcob Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide clients with reliable IT services that will help them grow their businesses and achieve their milestones.

Mindcob Goals

The Mindcob digital marketing company in Canada consults with clients to provide them with the best possible IT solution. By doing so, clients can get the peace of mind they deserve and get the most out of their investments. 

We work towards making our clients’ dreams come true. To date, Mindcob has helped aspiring entrepreneurs in achieving their goals and reaching new milestones. We won’t stop until our clients are happy.

We recruit both experienced individuals and fresh graduates. Mindcob’s vision is to encourage struggling people by assisting them in realizing their talents and give advice on how to specialize in them. The diversity can help Mindcob in achieving the vision.

We work towards maintaining a healthy culture in Mindcob. Our goal is to change the mindset of the youth and make them believe in themselves. We unconditionally support the creativity inside every individual and do our best to implement in Mindcob’s operations.

The worrying thing for the new entrepreneur is choosing the best and effective IT service. Don’t worry, Mindcob has got your back. It is our duty to provide you with  efficent IT services beyond your expectation.

As much as we are a young team, we are also mixed with experience. Most of us have done jobs in the same areas but we love to embark on new endeavors.

A fire grows within us. Being the company with the most affordable, helpful and convenient IT service is our main goal.

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