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We write different types of blogs for WordPress Tutorials for Beginners and also make videos. If you want to learn WordPress for sake of earning then these videos and blogs are best for you. Read all blogs and watch all videos. They will help you to learn WordPress quickly. Happy Designing!!!

WordPress has thousands of themes for different type of websites. A lot of them are free. For choosing any specific theme we normally take help from google and try top few themes. I have also written two blogs for best themes in WordPress you can check them here. 1st and 2nd.

You have completed your first step and that is you have started your business. You are doing your best to raise awareness through your friends and family or through a bit of digital marketing. However, the problem is that it is difficult for you to manage your business as well as managing your social media pages. The market is dynamic thus it will require a chunk of your time to stay in it. That is where you should consider investing digital marketing services. In this blog, we will go through reasons as to why you should contemplate on this ideal investment.

There is a common misconception regarding the relevance of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Seemingly, career thinkers believe that SEO services will become obsolete in the coming years as the number of alternatives is increasing and are assumed to be efficient as the methods are quote-unquote, ‘cheaper’.

Agreeably, there is a variety of options available but what people seem to forget is that they are mostly mere extensions of SEO. We shall discuss through the blog and conclude.

In the pursuit of becoming a content writer, I have seen a majority of exemplary ones offering a variety of content writing services however, they tend to implement a standard rate across their services. Talking with a business mindset, they may have undervalued their services and themselves as content writers. Consequently, this does pose as an opportunity for clients to exploit cheap rates for such demanding services.

We’ve all heard the benefits of being an entrepreneur, i.e. job creator, over being a job seeker. In my honest opinion however, to decide whether being an entrepreneur is better needs more consideration and thought rather than just outweighing the pros and the cons. Let us analyze this step by step.

You’ve got an idea. You have the expertise, the knowledge and “the dough”. This sounds great already but only to the point where you feel you’ve reached a dead-end. Things took an unexpected turn and you just can’t identify where you’ve gone wrong. You didn’t know how to start your business successfully. Do not worry as we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, you will learn 3 steps to help you become successful in starting your business.

In this blog I am going to tell you a new and amazing feature in WordPress by Google. Everyone wants to generate traffic on his/her website. For it, we do many things like SEO, write a lot of contents on many forums, share link on other websites. This is hectic and tiring. But now it is no more hectic and tiring because google create an amazing plugin for traffic in late summer 2020.

When we start to make new ecommerce website then we face many problems and one of them is theme selection. In this blog I am going to explain some very good Free Ecommerce WordPress themes. During selection we should keep one thing under consideration that what type of ecommerce pages we need. Like shop/archive page, single product page, checkout pages etc. Then we can easily select any theme.

If you are a blogger or running a website and want to earn money from your website. How can you make a lot of money from it? Answer is ads, yes with different ads you can make a lot of money. You have different platforms for ads. But the best one is google adsense. I highly recommend you, integrate adsense with your website. How can you do this, I will tell you everything in this blog. Just read it till end.

When you started you own new online business, then for payment methods, people normally use gateways for credit cards and debit cards. There are a lot of gateways for such payments, i.e. 2 Check outStripeShopify payments etc. In this blog we will discuss how to integrate credit card payment in WordPress. 

By downloading a single plugin, you can transfer your whole website from one hosting to other or from localhost to live hosting. Yes, with a single and free plugin, and the best thing about it is you can complete this task with 10 to 20 mins.

As we discussed in our previous blog that Elementor is one of the best plugin and page builder in WordPress. In its free version it gives us a lot of features which helps us to craft one complete page. Let’s discuss basic widgets in Elementor in this blog.

Inner Section:

It is one of the great widget in Elemetor. For example…

Elementor is the best plugin and the best Page builder in WordPress. In free version it gives us a lot of features which reduces our a lot of work in making a professional website. Using elementor we can craft a page by just drag and drop different blocks in page. In this blog I will explain almost whole free elementor feauture.

If you are beginner and want to start practice on WordPress, so I personally recommend install WordPress on computer and work on localhost. There is no need to buy any hosting and domain or do not work on free hosting like 000webhost, freeHostia etc. No doubt they are very good but when you go for paid hosting. In free hosting you may get problems like small space, small file upload size etc. In this blog I am going to teach you complete process, how to install WordPress and how to create Localhost on your web server. Follow all following steps:  
Plugin is a tool which helps the developer to perform different task. For example, for turning screws we use screwdriver as tool or helper. Plugins play same role. If we want to do specific task, we use plugin for that specific task.

It is a software which is written in PHP and then integrated with WordPress. We can download them or import them. It is good practice to use minimum number of plugins in your website.