Theta smart - CASE STUDY

Behind every successful company, there is a strong business plan that makes the business flourishing. You have to show your digital presence in the e-world so you can get more leads. At MINDCOB Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver, we understand what your initial and ultimate demands are and the solutions to fulfill them. Well, here is exactly what we did for Theta Smart!

Project Info

  • Domain: Theta Smart
  • Location: 32888 Maclure Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 0K9, Canada
  • Timeline: Jan 2021 - Present

Client Review

Professionalism personified. Mindcob is a very well run software house. Providing the support on demand for all my web solutions needs. The dedicated attention they have provided has made the process a fantastic experience. Great job team looking forward to working with you soo.
I am on my third project with them now.


Challenges of Project

In Jan 2021, A client that already owns a website came to MINDCOB Digital Marketing Agency in seek of better assistance dependent growth, staff management, and locality engagements. The client was pretty upset as his website was facing critical issues, and he won’t know much about how to fix them. His web developer charged him a heavy amount without giving him the proper work he asked for. The challenge he brought out for us –

  • Assist him with a precise website design and development plan from where he can collect data of employers and employees.
  • Build SEO Optimized web content.
  • Regular Posting for Multiple Social Media Platforms.
  • Constant Blogging to increase the reach of potential clients.
  • Create a Fully Functional Staffing Management System.
theta smart

Value Delivered

With these challenges in mind, MINDCOB deeply evaluated the requirements to give a friendly web-based solution. Well, after the analysis, we came across a cost-effective, simple, and appropriate solution that our client loved a lot. From web designing to creating a staffing management system, we aimed to deliver a bunch of comprehensive key strategies at a reasonable cost that satisfied our client. We combined our expertise to establish his website on WordPress and managed his staffing system on Google. Things we offered him in –

Web Design and Development Services

  • Friendly User Interface
  • User-Friendly Admin Panel
  • Lead Generation Analysis to Optimize Sales Conversion
  • Meeting Scheduling System
  • Enquiry Form for Employers
  • Application Form for Employees
  • ChatBot
  • Easy BackUp Facility
  • Proper Guidance for Website Management
  • Proper Consultation for Hosting Providers
theta smart website

Our Social Media Marketing Agency in Vancouver used a data-driven approach to give the client the best results across multiple digital marketing channels.

Social Media Management

  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • 10 Social Media posts per month
  • Short Video Ads
  • Video Animations
  • Implementation of Marketing Strategy
  • Posts Sharing on various platforms for more engagements

After polishing the rough paths, we put our efforts into developing

Staffing Management System

  • Employ Management System
  • Task Scheduling System
  • Work Order Management
  • Invoice Generation
  • Customer Feedback System
  • Geo-Location Tracking System
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Analytic Reports
thetasmart staffing managment system

Final Results

Theta Smart prides on our services and is satisfied with the MINDCOB IT Services. The client gets amazed with scalability and the wide range of options that our Software Company offered to him. These positive outcomes urged him to hire MINCOB as a complete IT Services Provider Company.

We are still working with Theta Smart as a team to deliver reliable services that make him satisfied. Just like Theta Smart, you can also take your business to the next level if you hire us as your best Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver Right Away!