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AI Content Writing Google Guidelines – Things To Know!

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When we started learning about artificial intelligence, one of the biggest questions that kept popping up in our mind was, “Why can’t AI write?” Although some machine-learning algorithms are indeed capable of producing high-quality documents, they do not produce them at the same rate. Having said this, the key reason AI tools cannot be used to write as well as humans is simple: A machine cannot create an interesting story or put together a complete argument. Maybe, after reading this, you might not agree with us. And that’s why we have jotted more reasons and some AI Content Writing Google Guidelines below. Read on!

How exactly does an AI writing Tool work?

Artificial intelligence has been around for a while now, and in the fast-paced planet we live in, it has discovered itself embraced in many different industries. 37% of businesses are using AI in some form. As content marketing is paramount for every marketing strategy, AI writing rises exponentially. Well! Artificial Intelligence uses algorithms to generate content without following rephrasing methods. An AI content generator tool can deliver various text-based forms on standards that users fill out. It lets the generated content be appropriate and focused. The prevailing idea is to allow users to create batches of content customized and used for themselves. They can also perform manual tasks of writings like editing and proofreading. Moreover, several AI writing software is available, such as, Jasper, WriteSonic, ChatGPT etc., to generate content from scratch. 

AI writing software provides a wide variety of tasks for manual writers, but they don’t work as well with your brand strategy as manual writing can. If you are a content writer, you would understand the importance of uniqueness in content creation. 

Why Shouldn’t We Let AI Writing Tools Write For Us? 

As of Forbes, Artificial Intelligence provides a helping hand to manual writers; this doesn’t mean the human element becomes irrelevant. Here are some of why machine algorithms have disadvantages compared to manual writers.

Require Extensive investment: 

Undoubtedly, AI writing tools can make the writing process pretty quick and efficient. But looking at the sophistication of AI-powered writing tools, it makes sense that AI-driven software can cost you a bunch. For instance, you buy a package with a word count limit of 60,000 monthly using And you have to generate content of 1000 words daily; Now, if you abruptly change your mind to shift the content to 800 words, the words from the generated content will already be deducted, and there’s no going back. 

However, if you also want the system to proofread your content using Grammarly. Here, you have to pay extra for each tool. The same thing goes with SEO integration, where you have to buy specific SEO tools to implement SEO techniques in the content generated with AI tools. However, compared to machines, humans do not require extensive investment; instead, they can consume information more effectively and develop better ideas.

Unable to create Versatile Content:

Versatile content means – something comprehensive beyond the already published content on the web. Considering an AI tool, which uses complex algorithms to spin off or generate the available content on the internet. It is suitable for people who want to generate content following the same and old concepts already available on the internet. However, the people or brands who want to develop unique and latest trends should not consider AI Tools. Such people should note that AI cannot comprehend the content of modern trends. Only a human translation can fit and recreate something beyond the already published content with a suitable tone and trends of a particular composition. They can play along with trends and future updates that make your content versatile and unique. 

It Lacks Creativity and Emotions.

AI-generated content lacks the fundamental element of human touch, which makes it unfit for pitching leads. Undoubtedly, humans are creatures of emotions; therefore, they wouldn’t connect or engage with stale and robotic content. Your content requires emotions that connect with your target audience and match their imagination. Of course, a tool cannot get this thing done to the standards that your content may require. It implies that content writers who write content manually know how to sprinkle creativity and grab attention through words. On the other hand, AI writing software only follows a specific writing method that sounds outdated or monotonous to readers. 

Unable to Align with the Brand’s strategy.

Every Brand strives to develop content that aligns with its business strategy; After all, this is the reason for producing content in the first place. Machines cannot understand organizational goals as they work on specific algorithms. Therefore, machines cannot alter their decision when required according to the need of the Brand’s strategy. On the other hand, humans can change their content strategy and produce content in the Brand’s best interest. 

AI Writing Tools can make blunders (You Never Know)

Even though experts may argue AI is not prone to make mistakes. AI writing software generates content from previously published content; Normally, it spins off the previous content by replacing words with their synonyms; Which most of the time does not make any sense logically. On the other hand, human writers have multiple literacy components, which means they write, read, and comprehend. As a result, humans can develop diverse genuine ideas with a better logical content tone.

Google Says AI-Generated Content Is Against Guidelines

Today, Google has revised its guidelines for web admins. In a tweet post, the company said it is against the guidelines to use AI-generated content because it can’t be verified. If you use an algorithm to generate content and put it on your website, you might get penalized by Google. But yes if you use write prompt and generate multiple ideas from AI and then edit the content of AI according to your requirements, then you can get your desired output.

Revision: AI Content Writing Google Guidelines for web admins.

The new AI Content Writing Google Guidelines want you to:

  • Identify and explore new opportunities.
  • Avoid penalties that could damage your search engine ranking.
  • Create quality content so users can easily find what they want.
  • Earn more clicks from organic search results.
  • Improve the user experience when people visit your website or app by providing them with helpful information or links to other sites that offer related information (e.g., related products or services).

AI is a game changer as it can generate content faster than you think.

AI has been around for a while, but recently it’s become more advanced and efficient at generating content. For example, AI can generate articles in minutes instead of hours or days. If you want to create an article about your company’s latest product release, then you probably don’t want to spend days writing the article yourself; instead, use an AI tool that creates content based on real-world data (like customer reviews) and then uses algorithms to analyze the information and come up with something publishable in seconds!

Can Google Detect AI-Generated Content?

Google can detect AI-generated content and is making a huge push to get us all to be more human and creative and care for the readers. Well! AI-generated content could be better for the readers, but it’s not suitable for search engines, and it’s not good for web admins either! We want to be more human and creative and care for our readers. Google wants us to be more human and creative and care for the readers by offering them quality content that matches their needs.

What Is The Best Alternative To AI Writing Tools?

To conclude, the AI writing tool has many perks in providing a helping hand to manual writers. But they cannot replace the human element as they lack emotions and various factors – mentioned above. You should also note that creativity is crucial to surpassing competitors in the digital world. Machine algorithms cannot develop creative or genuine ideas on specific algorithms. Human writers inspire their surroundings and change trends to develop innovative ideas. Moreover, Humans can connect with their target audience more effectively, as they can embed emotions and imagination in their writing. 

Therefore, sticking with the manual content creation process is how to achieve organizational objectives by producing creative and genuine content. So if you are looking to have professional content writing services, visit Mindcob’s website, an innovative digital marketing agency in Canada, which would help you create ideal content for your business requirements. Consider contacting us now!