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What is Hosting? Best Hosting for WordPress!

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In the competitive world, everyone is trying to boost their business. Currently, because of the pandemic situation, online presence is necessary for any kind of business. Due to the huge competition in the current market, everyone is worried about achieving maximum sales online. There are things we need to know in order to get better website, to market it, to get maximum traffic on it and to generate leads.

Which hosting is best for our website and how can we choose the best hosting provider among too many? In this article, we are discussing only one point, how to get the best hosting? After reading this blog you will have a complete understanding of the best hosting for WordPress in 2023. Our results are based on Actual speed, Performance Data, Customer Support, Panel User-Interface, cost, and customer reviews.

Basic Understanding about Hosting:

When we listen the word hosting, only one question comes to mind, what is hosting? People normally mix domain with hosting. Both are different things. Let us discuss with an easy example. We have a computer and there 4 folders in it with the names a, b, c, and d. Each folder has data in it. If we need data from a then we open a folder, similar case for other. Now a, b, c, and d are names, and all of them are different. Each has data in it, it may be unique or same. So in the online world, we can say domain is the folder name and hosting is space for our data that is accessible to everyone in the world. We can say that we are buying space for our data in the global online network.  

Known Hosting Providers:

Name Price Space Bandwidth Domain SSL
Start from $3.95
Free for 1 year
Start from $4.99
20 GB
25000 Monthly Visitors
Starts from $2.99
25000 Monthly Visitors
Free for 1 year
Free for 1 site
Starts from $2.75
Free for 1 year
Starts from $6.99
30 GB
25000 Monthly Traffic
Not Included
Not Included

Best Hosting Provider for WordPress! Our Suggestion

We have used many services from different hosting providers, but after analyzing everything we will suggest you Bluehost. The reasons why we are suggesting you Bluehost are following:

1- Quick Speed:

Speed of websites on Bluehost is fast. Even without complete optimization of website, loading time of website is quick.

2- UP Time:

Uptime of Bluehost is 99.99%

3- Panel UI:

Panel user interface is very easy and a layman can easily use it.

4- WordPress Integration:

With this panel, we will get 50+ custom themes, auto update feature for plugins, theme and core WordPress. We can login the WordPress admin dashboard from Bluehost if we forget the password.

5- Content Delivery Network (CDN):

It’s a very useful feature, and we can get it in every package. There are two concepts for data storage, data storing in single server and data storing in multiple servers (Copies of data). When we store data in single server and when we submit search query, we will receive data against our query within specific time. This time is directly dependent on the distance between the server and the visitor’s system but, if our data copies are stored on multiple servers in multiple locations, then after our search query we will receive data from the nearest server. This will increase the website speed. It is called CDN, and this is the plus point for Bluehost.

6- 24/7 Customer Support:

Bluehost has the best live customer support. They will help you in technical and non-technical queries. They will guide you very well. You will always find them with you when you need any support in your system.

7- Security:

Bluehost is the most secured hosting. Nobody will access your hosting.

8- Unlimited Space:

We get unmetered/unlimited SSD Space in every package except first. (Still basic package has a lot of space for single website)

9- Unlimited Bandwidth:

Bluehost can manage huge traffic on it. Even in its basic, it can handle almost 7000 to 8000 traffic at one time easily.

10- Business Email:

In every package, you will get unlimited business emails, which is important for your business.

11- Customer Reviews:

According to reviews, Bluehost is best hosting for WordPress. No one is close.


In conclusion, Bluehost is the best hosting for WordPress among all hosting providers in terms of reliability, support, and cost. We recommend Bluehost. Click the link below and start your online journey correct.

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    I was planning to buy Hostinger, what’s your thought on that? I’ve heard it’s better than Bluehost speed-wise.

  2. Zeeshan

    No, hostinger is slow and their support is not good as bluehost. We recommend you Bluehost. Thanks

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