Web Development Tutorials

In following video series we will learn different ways, tools and languages for Web Development. These all are very easy and helpful for beginners. Just watch, learn and start development. 

These Video Tutorials are very helpful for beginners. In this series  we will learn different things related to designing. We will learn how to use Elementor for designing a complete website. Different Addons of Elementor and many more things. We will discuss Latest WordPress and many of its amazing features. We will discuss different themes, menus, widgets, customization with WordPress and many more things. Very easy tutorials for beginners just watch them and comment if you have any query. 

Complete Woocommerce Tutorial for E-Commerce Websites Basic Intro In this video series I will explain how to setup E-Commerce website with WordPress. A very Simple and easy tutorial. After watching this video series you will able to setup your own web-shop and start earning.

  • In this tutorials, we will learn basics of PHP
  • Complete Syntax of PHP
  • We will able to write complete code in PHP
  • We will able to get data from MySQL in PHP

Create One Page Website with WordPress in just 10-15 mins with 2 Plugins

How to create one page website or single page application in WordPress? In this tutorial we will learn:

  • Single Page Application
  • Nav Menu For Single Page Website
  • How to create Tabs in Website

This website has following features:

  • Fast Speed
  • Smaller in Size

If you run a company and you want to make s company static website then just follow this tutorial and make your own website and forget to hire any developer for you website.

Top 5 Best WordPress Themes - Fast, Responsive and Easy to design

I have worked on a lot of Themes but I personally recommend these 5 themes due to fast speed, number of features, easy to redesign & best SEO Particles.

These all themes are totally free and all are compatible with Elementor. So you can design any type of theme with it.