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Integrate Credit Card Payment in WordPress – 2 Checkout

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When you started you own new online business, then for payment methods, people normally use gateways for credit cards and debit cards. There are a lot of gateways for such payments, i.e. 2 Check out, Stripe, Shopify payments etc. In this blog we will discuss how to integrate credit card payment in WordPress. 

In Pakistan 2-Checkout is normally used for debit and credit card payments. First, we will see what things we need for establishing 2 Checkout account, we should have following things:

  • NTN for registered Company
  • Same Company address as mentioned in NTN
  • Last 6 months of utility bills of company

After completing all this process it means your company is eligible for this gateway.

Now, some important points you should now about 2-Checkout like:


It normally reserves 3 % payment for almost 90 days to avoid scams and frauds. Let me explain it. If you have online store and a scammer order in your website with credit and debit card, with in 24hrs he can revert his order. If he requests to his bank for order canceling or refunding by blaming that your product is not same as he orders, then his bank refunds all his payment. This is fraud because he did it for sake of money. So, gateway gives back this money from reserved amount.

What you need to do?  Just release order after 24hrs so he will not revert his payment. 

2 Checkout Money Withdraw Policy:

We can withdraw money once in a week. But minimum thresh-hold is $300. If total amount is less then $300 then we can’t withdraw.

How to Integrate it with WORDPRESS Website:

Just Signup in 2-Checkout website and fill all credentials, add products, and go to Integrations and copy.

First Download plugin, from my website or I will mention the link and download it. It actually Take a lot of files and you cannot upload all of them in WordPress. Download my plugin and upload and activate it.

After it go to woocommorce>Settings>Payments. Then activate Credit-Card/Pay-Pal. Then add your credentials from 2-Checkout>Integrations>Webhooks & APIs. Then save all changes.

For more details visit their website: . It is also the process of integrating 2-Checkout with WordPress Website.

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