You cannot wait for customers to come to you. Somewhat, you must know the tricks to drag them to your site, and Mindcob Digital Marketing Company in Vancouver can help you in this context, as we are doing for Iconic Apparel House!

Project Info


Location: 6821 Walker Ave Burnaby BC, Vancouver, Canada

Timeline: - March 2021 - Present

iconic apparel house

Client Review

Best company and best peoples. Thank you for all your help to build my website. you guys are the best really appreciated all the little bit of extra help to build my website thank you guys!!


Challenges of Project

In March 2021, A passionate businessman came to Mindcob Digital Marketing Agency, who wanted to build his eCommerce store and earn sustainable leads and sales. The client was taking a fresh start, but he had no idea how to set up his business online. The client wishes to have a responsive website and has chosen some web designs as samples for building his first business site. He shared those samples for web designing that were not suitable for his requirements. We dug deeper for his demands and realized the following challenges for which we have to find a proper solution: 

● Building a user-friendly and responsive website.

Focusing on proper web designing to set an appealing site layout.

● Creating an effective logo design that reflects the client’s and site’s visions. 

●Helping him with social media marketing and management to generate sales.

● Design Appealing Presentations.

● Creating Video Ads.

● Writing SEO Optimized Content.

iconic apparel house

Value Delivered

After a detailed analysis and knowing the target market, Mindcob Digital Marketing Agency in Vancouver suggested creating a complete online website at a reasonable price. We consulted with the client and recommended a simple solution that he loved a lot. We designed an appealing site according to the new trends and made a social media strategy according to their targeted audience.

● We created a fully optimized and functional website within 14 days.

● We made their social media marketing strategy that gave him instant orders and sales.

● Clients now explore the website more easily, generating more traffic which in turn improves sales.

● All the combined analytics made tracking client behavior more comfortable, which in turn aids in making better sales plans for each product.

Final Results

Iconic Apparel House has grabbed leadership, sales, and revenue even in a mere time. The thing we pride is, we are still working with them and aiming to deliver the results that make them happy. If your dream is also to make your brand successful, hire Mindcob as your best digital marketing agency in Vancouver right away.