How we turned our idea into a startup?

How we turned our idea into a startup?

Unsurprisingly, the pandemic situation has caused a lot of good people to lose their jobs. A ridiculously optimistic person would think of having his or her startup immediately but, considering the dynamic market, it’s never going to be easy.

Ironically, we were those “ridiculously optimistic” ones. If you are reading this from our website? Then we welcome you to join us on this guided journey as we share with you our story.

The birth of the idea

Two hard-working individuals, working hard towards making themselves their futures but only to face countless failures, in the highly competitive job market. Who would’ve thought that the idea of having our own startup business would come in our stressed minds? Well, we did.

Our eagerness towards success is what drove us away from putting effort into getting fairly paid jobs. A good CGPA, successful Final Year Project, and several low-paid internships are not enough for employers to hire you. One may question the HR, but, the COVID pandemic situation made things overly complicated for businesses. We could not help but move on from our failures. Hence, we got used to our failures so, we wouldn’t mind taking the risk to pursue a new venture.

The launch

In a matter of time, we worked towards a vision. Our vision was never to become just rich or famous. That’s not how we defined success in the first place. Our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives. Although, we expect people to think that our startup is a humble software house, that did not deter us from launching Mindcob.

Our vision is to embark on new endeavors with different individuals and help them grow with us. We know that somewhere in this world, there are a few more people who were also on similar journeys. Hence, in due time, we commenced operations.

We launched our website, wrote content, set our short-term goals and registered our startup. We hoped that this could be the opening of a refreshing chapter of our entrepreneur lifestyle. We only hoped though.

A slow start

Getting organic followers through social media and our website was always going to get tough. Though, what we were not expecting was the number of months it took for us to get our first 50 followers, that too via connections.

The first few months showed nil success from our efforts as we failed to make at least one sale. All we could ever do was putting faith in our potential and Mindcob. Soon, some of us considered that this might have been a bad idea. However, that apprehension evaded as our first client decided to invest in our services. Thus, we registered this as our first sale after four months of hardship.

Business Idea

Generating Sales

As soon as we sold our website services to a local Pakistani client, we were able to market with greater success. Usually, the hardest sale is your first sale. The first impression is the last impression for no reason. We had to make sure that there weren’t any mishaps that the client good see.

After displaying our valuable clients on our website as a trophy, buyers eventually came to us for our services. Our main goal was to provide exquisite services with professionalism to gain reputation.

Thankfully, it led us to hit 6-digit figures of revenue in just a couple of months since our first sale. Slowly and steadily, our startup business is turning into a relatively established business as we are touching markets abroad too. We have provided services to American, Canadian, English, Emirati and European clients. Soon, we will be able to provide not just website development , Mobile application and management services, but also digital marketing services as well.

To be continued…

Even though our story is still brief, we still have more chapters yet to cover – metaphorically speaking. We have yet to achieve more goals and make a big difference in individuals’ lives. Whether they are our employees or clients, we understand how enduring it is to seek jobs, build a startup and especially, make a living.

Our advice to aspiring people is that no matter how enduring, pain-staking things can get, never buy into the idea of giving up. You’ll regret it dearly once you realize how good of an opportunity you had. If you’re like us, not getting fair pay despite the amount of investment you put in reskilling yourself, why not create a startup?

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