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How to Transfer your website from one hosting to another – Migrate WordPress Website

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Sometimes we make an amazing website on our localhost/our personal system, or sometimes on testing sub-domains. But if we want to show our website to people, how can we do this?  Answer to this question is, you need a hosting, where you can host your website. Then you need a domain which is searchable. So, people can search and view your website. Now a new question arises, what is hosting? And which one is good for our website. Hosting is like a server where you can save your data and host your whole website so others can see. On hosting, I will write another blog. But in this blog, I am going to tell you about how to migrate WordPress website?

This is the common problem we face. There are a lot of methods. Majority of them are difficult. In all of them we must shift all files manually and then change all URLs manually and change a lot of other stuff. It is a mess for us. In this blog, I am going to tell you the most easy and efficient way migrate WordPress website.

By downloading a single plugin, you can transfer your whole website from one hosting to other or from localhost to live hosting. Yes, with a single and free plugin, and the best thing about it is you can complete this task with 10 to 20 mins (It depends on your internet speed and hosting).


Best plugin in WordPress for taking backups of websites and migration of them. By follow all the following steps, you can migrate WordPress website:

All-In-One WP Migration:
  • Download and activate All-In-WP Migration plugin
  • Go to all-in-one-WP-migration>Export
  • Import File
  • Then download that file. You will get .wpress file from it. It is the backup of your website.
  • Now in live hosting just install WordPress and install this plugin.
  • Now go to all-in-one-WP-migration>Import.
  • If you see maximum limit is less than your backup file size. Like in the picture, you can see it shows 64 MB size. So just click on GET UNLIMITED and install free version, (Extension). I am also attaching it with this blog, you can simply download it and upload this plugin. It will increase your maximum upload size limit up to
  • After uploading this plugin, just import your backup file from all-in-one-WP-migration>Import, it will take some time. After it, just press proceed and then press finish. After it your website will be up on your live hosting.

Just enjoy and show it to others.

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