How to SETUP WordPress in your Computer

If you are beginner and want to start practice on WordPress, so I personally recommend to install WordPress in Computer and work on localhost. There is no need to buy any hosting and domain or do not work on free hosting like 000webhost, free-Hostia etc. No doubt they are very good but when you go for paid hosting. In free hosting you may get problems like small space, small file upload size etc.

          In this blog I am going to teach you complete process, how to install WordPress and how to create Localhost on your web server. Follow all following steps:

  • First find free open source software which helps you to create localhost and allow you to make Database. We have many options but XAMPP and WAMP are two commonly used webservers. I will use XAMPP.
  • First, install XAMPP from website . Download according to your OS (Windows, Linus & Mac).
  • Place all files in C directory or anywhere else. It is upto you.
  • Install WordPress from link: and press GET STARTED button.
  • Place all of these files with XAMPP
  • You have installed WordPress and XAMPP
  • It is time to SET-UP new project.
  • First copy all wordpress file inside wordpress folder.
  • Navigate to XAMPP->htdocs
  • In htdocs, make new folder with your project name like “test”. You can change its name according to your requirement.
  • Paste all word press file inside “test”
  • Now you have competed almost 90% task. Now it is time to create database for your website. So, first open XAMPP and start APACHE and MySQL
  • Then, open your web browser. I will go for google chrome. Type localhost/phpMyAdmin .
  • Here press on Databases on top  left
  • Then create new data base with your folder name i.e. “test” and the press create.
  • After it close this tab and open new tab and write: localhost/test 
  • Select your language.
  • Press let’s go
  • Then following all spaces like this and Submit
  • Run Installation
  • Add your Site title like Mindcob, Username like admin and Password and Email.
  • Then press Install WordPress.
  • Remember your credential and login to Dashboard.
  • Now Your First Project is ready. Now your can customize your website according to your requirements
  • For further information read my other blogs like how install pluginhow can we craft website etc.S

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