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How are SEO Services Still Relevant?

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There is a common misconception regarding the relevance of SEO, Search Engine Optimization. Seemingly, career thinkers believe that SEO services will become obsolete in the coming years as the number of alternatives is increasing and are assumed to be efficient as the methods are quote-unquote, ‘cheaper’.

Agreeably, there is a variety of options available but what people seem to forget is that they are mostly mere extensions of SEO. We shall discuss this through the blog and conclude.

Outbound Marketing versus Inbound Marketing

Initially, we must realize why SEO came into existence. To fulfil the question at hand, it is important to understand the two marketing approaches which are outbound and inbound.

The former approach involves the use of traditional advertising activities such as cold calling, cold emails (SPAM) and disruptive ads. This approach holds the marketer-centric view that nullifies the main success motto of all businesses, “Customers First.”

Due to the high number of internet users, customers get divided into segments based on shared tastes and preferences, in other words, the market is increasingly diverse. Expectedly, an outbound marketing method will deter customers away as such advertising channels become a nuisance at best.

On the contrary, inbound marketing includes methods such as blogging or geofencing that all come under the category of SEO services. SEO-optimized content merely asks the ‘permission’ of potential customers to come and visit, thus generating quality organic traffic. Consistently, algorithms are updated to better target customers who require specific content, for instance, a person looking for insurance packages will ‘google’ “best insurance package” and subsequently, the algorithm will display links to good insurance websites that provide useful content for the person. Contrarily, the former strategy will force-feed useless content to the person henceforth, inbound marketing, i.e. SEO, proves to be most effective.

Top eleven ranking factors of 2020

Alarmingly, most arguers to SEO do not consider the top Google ranking factors, especially when the Google search engine dominates 86.86% market share as of July 2020. Out of the eleven, content quality is still the leader of the SEO world. Google’s top priority is providing quality user experience and primary SEO strategies focus on content quality. Relevant information is what drives consumers to businesses hence such information has to be optimized in a manner that it ranks higher in SERPs, and Search Engine Results pages.

Using an analogy, to grow plants, a seed is required hence, the content is the seed that allows the generation of quality traffic. If we were to omit SEO, then how can we generate traffic to our websites, blogs or businesses?

The hot topic of discussion

Throughout my career, the majority of my clients have been against the use of SEO services considering that geofencing is the real deal now. The digital marketing approach proved to be versatile for local businesses as this approach involves making advertisements relevant to search engine users.

As a marketer, it will be exceedingly inappropriate for me to deny this as geofencing is a valuable approach to help businesses establish their presence. However, what the majority fails to acknowledge is that geofencing is an extended technique therefore, it too comes under the category of SEO services. Simply put, it is SEO in the form of geographical boundaries.


Eventually, SEO remains and will continue to be an essential part of any marketing approach. It is a vast category as different strategies stem from the concept of Search Engine Optimization thus such who believe that SEO services are becoming obsolete regardless, should consider revisiting the fundamentals of SEO.

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