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Google Web Stories Plugin for WordPress – New Feature by Google for Huge Traffic

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In this blog I am going to tell you a new and amazing feature in WordPress by Google. Everyone wants to generate traffic on his/her website. For it, we do many things like SEO, write a lot of contents on many forums, share link on other websites. This is hectic and tiring. But now it is no more hectic and tiring because google create an amazing plugin for traffic in late summer 2020.

What is that???

That is a web stories plugin for WordPress. Google web Stories plugin for WordPress has an amazing feature of posting stories and sharing different link on stories and generate organic traffic for your website.

Google Web Stories!

Google web stories plugin for WordPress is the new form of AMP. We can share content in small chunks. Google recommend us to share 4 to 30 pages in one web story.

How should we use this Plugin?

Google recommend some rules for us    

  • Do not share multiple links in one page.
  • Do not share more than one affiliate link in your story.
  • Do not post more than 1 ad in story
  • Video should be less than 15 sec

Why should we use it?

As I mentioned early that this plugin is helpful for increasing traffic. Secondly, it is the latest product of google and google will automatically promote its own new products. So, this is the best time to promote your website, blog, or any video.  One more important feature is to attract mobile users because people like to watch stories on mobile, if you put your blog, website, or any video link in it. It helps you to generate traffic on it.

How can we download it?

You cannot find it in WordPress. So, download it from their website and upload it to your WordPress project. 


How to use it?

On left side in WordPress panel you will see “stories”, just go to stories dashboard, create new story, update it but do not save in new post.

google web stories
google web stories plugin

How to put story inside page?

wordpress editor

With WordPress Editor:

Just go to that page and press the plus button on the top right and search web stories.

With Elementor:

Search html widget and place where you want to place story. Remember it it should be visible in full width. Then paste that code.

<iframe height=”550px” width=”auto” src=></iframe>

Height should be at least 550px. Copy that permalink from story>block>permanlink.