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How to Monetize WordPress Website with Google AdSense Account

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If you are a blogger or running a website and want to earn money from your website. How can you make a lot of money from it? Answer is ads, yes with different ads you can make a lot of money. You have different platforms for ads. But the best one is google adsense. I highly recommend you, integrate adsense with your website. How can you do this, I will tell you everything in this blog. Just read it till end.

How to Integrate AdSense with a website:

  • Sign up for Google AdSense
  • Register yourself with the google email account.
  • Go to Sites and add your website link address.
  • Then you will get a code. Just place it inside the header.
  • If you are using WordPress and do not know how to add code to a file manually, don’t panic and install the plugin “Insert header and footer.”
  • Place that code in the header section and save it.
  • Confirm it from AdSense.
  • They will take 14 days to view your website and then inform you about your status.
  • If they allow your website for ads, then place ads on your website

How to Place Ads:

After acceptance from Google AdSense, you need to put ads on your website. But the question is how you can place ads? First you need to know the types of Ads.

  • By Site

If you enable it. It will place ads automatically on whole website. 5 ads per page for mobile and 10 ads per page for desktop. I will not recommend it because, it places a lot of ads in odd places, this thing ruined the design of website.

code from adsense
By ad unit
  • By ad Unit

This is best option. Just select add type like horizontal, vertical, or square box for ad and save it. It will give you code. You need to do one thing. Just find the best option for ad in your website page and create a text box there and paste that code there.


I will recommend you, place ads in sidebar. Just add text block in sidebar widget from appearance>widget. And place that code in text section and save it. It will show ads there.

Points Need to Know:

Rejection from Google AdSense:

    Sometimes Google AdSense reject your website and tell you your website is not up to our terms and conditions. Do not panic and worried. Just wait for 10 days and then request them again for ads. But first recheck your website, is there any copyright issue or any unethical content on your website. After requesting them again they will reopen your AdSense account. Now you can place ads on your website. Hurray!

When Ads will Show on Website:

    When you place ads on your website for within 24hrs it will show on your computer only or on specific browser. But with 48hrs it will show on every browsers and computer. So, after 48hrs you can start earning.

How we can help you with it?

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  1. Sajjad Khan

    I learned a lot from this blog. It is very helpful. If the user clicks on ad but don’t buy any product, would that still help? Can we post ad just on Blogs or we can post on any static website as well? What is Google’s criteria to accept the website for ads?

  2. Zeeshan

    It depends on clicks. And 1000 impressions is also equal to 1 click. So traffic is source of money for you in this case. Convergence is not necessary.
    Second we can post blogs on any website. Ads are not only for blogs.

  3. Arnab

    Very helpful post….keep posting!!!

  4. Zeeshan

    Thank you so much. Keep in touch

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