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Elementor-The Page Builder

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Elementor is the best plugin and the best Page builder in WordPress. In free version it gives us a lot of features which reduces our a lot of work in making a professional website. Using elementor we can craft a page by just drag and drop different blocks in page.  In this blog I will explain almost whole free elementor feauture.   

Elementor side Panel

First when you create a block you will see that layout on left side . Let’s see what is in this layout. We should know only 2 things. One is Content Width and second is Column gap. If we select Boxed content width we can see gaps on right and left side of page.(Our block is present in center of page). But if we select Full Width so our block occupies whole page width. It is up to you, what do you want to choose. In one page we have different blocks and we can select boxed and full width for any block.

Second thing is Column Gap. It have basically a lot of options like wide, no-gap etc. It is very helpful when you block has more than one sections inside it. In next blog we will see how can we make blocks/section inside block.

In remaining sections you can understand their usage according to their names.     

Widget Menu

This is the menu where all tools/widgets are present like inner-section, Heading, image etc. Just drag and drop in your block. 

When you will finish your designing then, press update button which saves your changes. In coming blogs I will teach you how can we use different widgets to craft our website page.

With elementor we can create page, post, header and footer. I can assure your if you will learn complete elementor than you can create any type of website. 

If you don’t know install elementor then, visit our last blog Plugins In WordPress . It helps you a lot.

Elementor toolbox

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    As a beginner in Web development, I have been following his blogs and I have been able to install and run WordPress very easily, due to the plan and easy instructions. Thank you

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