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Elementor – Basic Widgets

Elementor toolbox

As we discussed in our previous blog that Elementor is one of the best plugin and page builder in WordPress. In its free version it gives us a lot of features which helps us to craft one complete page. Let’s discuss basic widgets in Elementor in this blog

Inner Section:

It is one of the great widget in Elemetor. For example, you have created a block and you want to add two or more sections in a row so it will help you a lot. Just drag this widget and drop in the block it will create two boxes.

There is a window icon on top left of this block. When you right click on it and then you see add column option. When you select it then it will create 3rd section, with same method we can add multiple sections.



Heading, Image & Text Editor:

This is for heading. You may select H1, H2 etc. When you want to place image in a block then drag and drop image portion, and same for text editior.

Text heading
Text Editor
video and button

Video and Button:

When you want to add any video or even a youtube video link than use it and paste right link of video. Check my demo theme video how it works. Same for button when you add link then when you press button then it redirect to that specific link.

Divider and Spacer:

Divider and spacer are almost same but there is one difference. Divider divides two sections by line and spaces just creates blank space between them.

Google Maps & Icons

Google Maps and Icons:

When you want to show specific location on google maps in your website than you use it. Icon widget is used for basic icons like star, user, heart etc.

These widgets are very useful if an only if you practice and use them in real website. I recommend you, practice them a lot. You will find multiple features in it. Keep Practicing!!!

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