Blessed Friday sale from Mindcob!

Blessed Friday sale from Mindcob!

If you’re reading this blog, then you should consider marking your calendar as Mindcob is offering a big sale starting from the 23rd of November. We are offering discounts of up 25% for digital marketing, and web development services. We call it the “Blessed Friday”. Keep reading this blog as you’ll find more information about our packages and our mega sale deals.

Our Packages

Generally, we provide a range of IT services that include web application development, mobile application development, game development, digital marketing and content writing. We offer website templates at base prices for restaurants, apparel stores, real estate agencies and grocery stores. To view our website templates, click here.

We also provide digital marketing services. Price does vary in accordance to our clients’ requirements however we also provide fixed packages. If you buy these packages, you will be saving around 15% as the incremental prices for the included features are lower that the fixed rates when invested separately. These packages are our permanent offer as we wish to give our customers a variety of options as well as ease of decision-making.

Package categories

We offer discounted digital marketing services at three different levels. Our basic package includes producing 8 graphical posts and posting them on two social media platforms, 4 SEO optimized blogs, one social media audit and one website audit.

Our gold package includes 13 graphical posts and posting them on one social media platform, 5 SEO optimized blogs, 2 Google analytics report, 1 competitive marketing analysis, email marketing and managing one social media platform. Social media and website audits are included.

As for our final package called the premium, we will post on two social media platforms and manage one social media platform. 13 graphical posts, 6 SEO optimized blogs, weekly Google analytics and Facebook pixel reports. Additional services include retargeting, competitive marketing analysis and email marketing. Social media and website audits are included. 

Additional packages are in the form of separate bundles. We have listed them below for your convenience:

  • Ecommerce website and web application development
  • Ecommerce website, web application development, 10 posts for Facebook/Instagram, 4 blogs and custom logo.


What are offering during Blessed Friday?

By November 23rd, you can invest in digital marketing, leads generation and our website templates at a discount of up to 25%. This is our biggest sale yet. You can enjoy the same benefits just like you would if you invest in our services before.

But there is a twist. With these packages, we will provide you free website and social media audits. These audits are an excellent tool for creating plans and implementing the right strategy. With these audits, you will understand the necessary areas that need improvements in order to make your fine establishment successful.

This mega sale is not just a marketing tactic. It’s a gift to you as Mindcob has achieved big goals in short time. We wouldn’t have been able to reach farther had it not been for our valuable clients.

Why you should invest in us?

As mentioned, during Blessed Friday, you’ll experience great results for your venture at significantly lower prices. We all know that these are unfavourable times for many businesses as we will experience the second wave of COVID-19. Many start up businesses have been opening and most of the new entrepreneurs are those that lost their jobs or can’t find jobs due to COVID. It’s especially tough for them to get their businesses to generate customers which is why Mindcob’s services will come in hand.

Additionally, majority of physical activities will switch to online approaches. No one is sure how long will it take to get out of this mess. Many people will find it tough to invest in our services as everyone is at a loss and are on the verge of reaching their limits. This is one of our reasons we believe that you should invest in our variety of services during the sale.

Not only will you be able to save a lot of money for future endeavors, but you will be able to get immaculate services by us. We are offering discounts of up to 25%, along with free social media and website audits. The sale however ends on 27th November therefore you must keep an eye out for the date and buy our website templates, leads generation services and our digital marketing services at discounted rates. No compromises will be made to the quality of our services.

How to subscribe for Blessed Friday deals

There are a number of ways you can subscribe to our discounted deals. The easiest way is to go to our website. A pop up will appear on the homepage where you can conveniently enter your name and email. We will get back to you within 24 hours and you may send us your requirements. After that, we will propose a strategy and provide you the estimated price after applying the discount. Once you confirm your decision, we shall send you an invoice and a contract listing the terms and conditions. After a month of working with us, you will experience positive results both in the short run and long run.

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